Utilize Our Comprehensive Spring Cleaning Checklist to Completely Renovate Your Home

The spring is the ideal season for the yearly deep cleaning of your house. Cleaning in the spring is not only a wonderful way to start fresh, but it also gets rid of all the dust and dander that has gathered over the winter before allergy season really gets going. Although completely cleaning your house will never be easy, you can make the task more doable by using our downloadable checklist from Martha’s Housekeeping Handbook, which includes tips from cleaning professionals.

Make a realistic schedule and concentrate on one activity at a time, regardless of your preferred order of action—start outside and work your way inside, or go from the attic to the basement.

More complex tasks, like arranging closets and cleaning the attic, will take a few days, but eventually you’ll cross everything off your list and have a spotlessly clean house.

The Expert 

Ketan khanna CEO of Kepsten cleaning services this leading cleaning company in canada

Supplies Required

Make sure you have everything you’ll need to finish every chore on your list before embarking on your spring cleaning adventure. You’ll need a few cleaning items, but the majority of what you need depends on your particular cleaning techniques. However, as a general rule, the majority of spring cleaning kits ought to include the following:

  • Bucket

  • Clean microfiber cloths

  • Sponges

  • Reusable spray bottle

  • All-purpose cleaner

  • Duster

  • White distilled vinegar

  • Baking soda

  • Dish soap

  • Vacuum

  • Mop

Things You Should Clean in Each Room

You should perform some general housekeeping duties in every room of your home, including the basement and attic.

1. Spotless baseboards

Cleaning your baseboards in the spring is a great idea. “Clean baseboards are the ideal finishing touch for your home, even though they’re often overlooked,” says Ketan Khanna, CEO of The Kepsten. Baseboards are readily cleaned by using an all-purpose cleanser and damp microfiber cloth after dusting them with a vacuum equipped with a bristled brush hose attachment.

2. Dust

Every room in the house gets dusty, no matter how hard you try to stop it. When dusting, vacuum the dust that collects on the floor and work your way down from the top of the room. This includes areas that are difficult to reach, including the tops of ceiling fans and window frames.

Remember to dust your bookshelves and books as well. Remove everything from the shelves and use a feather duster to clean them and the books. To get into small spaces, use a vacuum’s dust brush or crevice tool. Use a clean, soft cloth to clean the spines of books with leather bindings.

3. Suction

Use a vacuum to thoroughly clean all of your floors to remove any loose debris or crumbs. “It’s common to track the bacteria and dirt from your shoes across the carpet,” Stapf explains. “Not only can a buildup of grime break down your carpet fibres, but it can also harbour pollutants that may make you sick.”

4. Mop

Use a mop to clean your floors after vacuuming. According to Diane Amos, a cleaning specialist at Pine Sol, “floors are one of the most exposed areas in our homes, so mopping them frequently is crucial in keeping your home clean.”

5. Rugs for Shampoo

A hot-water extraction machine and a rotary shampoo machine can be used to thoroughly clean synthetic carpets and rugs that have waterproof backings. Professional cleaning is necessary for rugs that are not backed.

6. Dust the ceiling and walls

Our ceilings and walls get unsightly stains over time. Dust off your walls with a vacuum before beginning any wall cleaning. Next, use a solvent-free degreaser to remove persistent surface filth, which is particularly common in kitchens. Make sure the degreaser won’t damage the surface by testing it first in a discrete area.

7. Cement Refills

The mortar that holds the floor, wall, and countertop tiles together is highly permeable and readily stained. Use a small foam brush to apply a penetrating grout sealant to protect it.

8. Spotless Upholstered Furniture

To remove dust, take the cushions outside and give them a gentle hand beat. If there are stains, see the cleaning instructions on the care labels. To clean behind seat cushions, use the upholstery and crevice tools on a vacuum.

9. Shiny Metal Hardware for Windows and Doors

A fast polish will restore dull knobs, hinges, and other metal finishes to their former splendour. For medium-tarnished surfaces, liquid polishes and cloths moistened with polish are effective; pastes and creams are preferable for more extensive work.

10. Surfaces Made of Wax

Using a delicate cloth moistened with water and a light dishwashing liquid, clean wooden surfaces. Next, use a cotton rag that has been folded into a square pad to apply wax a few feet at a time. Once the wax has dried, polish it with a fresh cloth.

Furthermore, floors made of vinyl and linoleum that have lost their lustre should be waxed using a polish made specifically for these materials. The majority of stone and tile floors can be cleaned using a paste or liquid wax made specifically for that type of material.

11. Spotless Window Accent Pieces

Additionally, blinds, curtains, and drapes need to be maintained. “While we may not directly interact with them, curtains can accumulate dust and odours from around the home and need to be cleaned,” Ketan states. Once a season, give the curtains a little extra love and care, but inspect the material before washing it. It could be necessary to send some to be dry cleaned.”

12. Clean the window screens

All year long, window screens accumulate a great deal of dirt. Using a brush and warm water and a light dishwashing solution, clean each screen. After cleaning, give them a good water rinse.

13. Dust ceiling fans and light fixtures

Dust gathers around light fixtures. “Your ceiling fan is a great place to start—just make sure you turn off the light bulb and let it cool before wiping them down,” Ketan advises. “When it comes to your lamps, be sure to unplug those as it gives them time to cool off before starting the cleaning process.”

14. Put fire safety into practice

Smoke detectors should have their batteries changed twice a year. Additionally, check sure the units are dust-free. Review escape preparations and teach everyone in your home how to use a fire extinguisher.

Checklists for Spring Cleaning, Room by Room

After learning which tasks are common across all rooms, incorporate these room-specific tasks into your overall list.


  • Dust the coils of refrigerators.

  • Take the freezer out of the freezer.

  • Empty the pantry.

  • Oven thoroughly cleaned

  • thoroughly clean the refrigerator’s interior

  • tidy cabinets

  • sanitize little appliances


  • Discard expired cosmetics and beauty products

  • Update first-aid kit

  • Deep clean shower

  • Wash bathmats

  • Deep clean toilet

  • Deep clean sink

  • Wash towels and linens

  • Replace or wash shower liner

  • Clean grout


  • Clean every piece of bedding.

  • Give your mattress a thorough cleaning.

  • Trash the dresser and closet.

  • Tidy the area beneath your bed.

  • Clean your pillows.

Home Office

  • Arrange the files.

  • tidy computer

  • Arrange the office materials.

Outside Areas

  • Clean the patio and deck.

  • Clean the driveway.

  • Handle mildew

  • Clean outdoor furniture.

  • Examine the light fixtures’ connections and wires for damage.

Utility Areas

  • Throw away or give away unwanted goods.

  • thoroughly clean the washing machine

  • Clear the dryer vent and move storage boxes off the ground.

  • Arrange your laundry materials.

Hire professionals 

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